The Feminist Evolutionary Psychology Society (FEPS) exists to bridge two scientific viewpoints that are often in opposition: evolutionary psychology and feminism. We believe that each can be unified into a productive study of the evolution of humans. Each approach has historically adopted some biases that impede a full understanding of the complexities of human psychology, particularly a perspective of psychology that includes aspects of our shared evolution as well as cultural and environmental influences. FEPS supports research that: a) is informed by a female perspective, b) directly investigates the active role that females have had in human evolution, and/or c) studies gender in the evolutionary context with scientific theory and methodology (including a close examination into the way research questions are formulated and research subjects selected). We welcome any members, of any gender or sex, who are sensitive to the combination of feminism and evolutionary psychology.

Recent News

FEPS created awards for oral and poster presentations. These awards were established to recognize research presented at NEEPS that demonstrates women as active agents in human evolution, such that the work falls within the goals of FEPS. Work that focuses on women is considered, but so is work that includes women so research questions involving sex differences are considered. Furthermore, as the goal is to advance our understanding of women in evolution, this award recognizes innovative research that challenges existing findings or results that open new territories for study. Other criteria are that the presenter had good presentation skills and explained concepts and findings well.

We are pleased to announce the FEPS award winners for 2012 as follows:

  • Student Oral Presentation Winner, Sarah Radtke (with Maryanne Fisher), Lesbian Pulp Fiction: An Analysis of Women’s Mate Preferences
  • Faculty Oral Presentation Winner, Chris Reiber, Evolution and Medicine: Reducing Diagnostic Discordance in Women’s Health Issues
  • Student Poster Winner, Amanda Guitar (with Maryanne Fisher, Justin Garcia, Daniel Kruger, and Glenn Geher), Assessing Definitions and Interpretations of Sexual and Emotional Infidelity
  • Faculty Poster Winner, Rose Sokol-Chang and Maryanne Fisher , What do Women Paint?